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The Badlands TV Network is headquartered at Badlands Pawn in Sioux Falls, SD. The network is operated by long-time Emmy-nominated TV Producers Todd Magnuson and Terri Lawrenz. The creative team of Magnuson and Lawrenz will create several original TV series which will begin airing locally, regionally and nationally in late 2015.


Badlands Pawn

Badlands Pawn is a reality show set at Badlands Pawn, Gold & Jewelry in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Being regarded as the ‘Disneyland Of Pawn Shops’, there is never a dull moment. A pawn shop is an interesting place, but when you fill it with musicians, radio personalities and TV stars, things can really get interesting!

Pawn 4 Gold

Pawn 4 Gold is an exciting new game show based on luck and knowledge. Three contestants compete for a shot to win $1,000,000 in gold. Filmed on the stage in front of a live audience at Badlands Pawn in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, contestants compete in 4 rounds. The first round is a trivia round where contestants earn cash to use in the next round where they will buy items. In the third round , they have the chance to pawn their items in exchange for treasure chests containing prizes. One of the chests contains a chance to spin for $1,000,000 in gold!

Badlands LIVE

Badlands LIVE brings a live concert to your living room! Each episode will feature concert footage from the stage of Badlands Pawn, Gold & Jewelry, including local and national artists.

The Morning Crash

From the studios of Guns, Gold & Rock n Roll Radio Network comes The Morning Crash! The show is a live simulcast of the Crash In the Morning Radio Show. Two hours of music and fun to start your day. You never know who might drop by the studio to make a guest appearance!

Badlands Weekly

Badlands Weekly is a news/magazine style show, hosted by
Emmy-Nominated TV Hosts Terri Lawrenz and Todd Magnuson. The show is a production of the Badlands TV Network and will air daily across the region beginning in Fall 2015. Badlands Weekly will feature celebrity interviews, news, events, and much more.

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